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  • Lucy and Ali, Iran
  • Our trademark 24 hour alert customer services cell phone really helps them.

    A Quick Start:
    Lucy first got hold of me through a trading website in summer 2006. She responded instantly upon mine sending her preliminary info. And she was pretty much satisfied with our low key price quote based on her detailed production need. We were officially in business as she quickly sent us fees for sample production and shipping. What a great start! 

    Ali's Factory Field Inspection before Ordering:
    But there were still no real production until one day in mid August when Lucy informed me that their engineer Ali would come to visit our factory. we arranged bookings of hotel and airplane ticket from Shanghai to Wenzhou. and left them with the phone number of my trademark 24 hour alert customer services cell phone. This was sure helping them ease the uncertanty of travelling in China.
    Ali arrived on schedule and he was impressed with our factory and production abilities. He stated that he had been visited several other factories before and ours is the one that specialized in label printing. With such focus of ten years, he believed that we could do better than other factories.
    Sure enough, we got started in label pringting for Lucy and Ali after Ali went back to Iran and reported to his boss. Our production for them was steadily increased during 2006 and 2007.

    Ali's Second Vsist:
    Ali came again in mid 2007 as the production increased. They started using refriged container and wanted us to use better packing to resisit heat for the protection of the labels.

    War Story, Oct. 2007: Within 24 hours, I made 18 phone urgent phone calls to resolve the crisis.
    There was a huge war like experience in Oct. 2007. Due to China's National Day holiday, there were snafus in delivery and money transfer between us. Before things totally got out of hand, we took the initiative and made 18 international phone calls to straight things up. Finally, our deed paid off! This really impressed Lucy and Ali. And we really became buddies.

    Factory Visit by Ali and Ali's Boss, July 2008:
    Same as always, we arranged everything of tavelling in China for Ali and Alií»s Big Boss. we even made some useful Chinese short notes and suggested them to print out and to bring with them in case they need any help in China. Ali's big boss is a former member of Iran's national basketball team. What a big and fun guy! We exchanged small gifts and had some very happy talking. He said: "You're highly praised by my guys. They said you are 24 hour online for services!" Actually, this is a little bit exaggeration. But we sure always return their emails within half an hour!

    Looking back,  our Iranian customers are very pleased due to our communication ability, sticking to product quality, fast response, and comepetitive prices. We are going to have more business in the future.
  • Anamul K., Bangladesh & Mogul G., USA
  • We are Mogul's pointed man in China.

    The Start:
    This started in 2006 when we got an enquiry from Bangladesh. Anamul also wanted to transfer their label printing works to us as he saw what we could offer compared to their former suppliers. However, Anamul wanted to pay by L/C not the T/T way that we used to be. Plus their material of PSI need pass the examination. we was little nervous about all of that. 

    We Sent Samples by Air for Our Customer:
    Fortunately, we got through lots of these hurdles of back and forth documentations and examinations. We also got some extra money handling paper work done for benefits of the customer to save some money on taxes. During that period we sent samples to Bangladesh by air for five times. Once, we do them a big favor of using our money to send samples by air due to the sea shipment delay caused by Indian Ocean hurricane. You see, we always put our customers first.

    Boss Mogul's Factory Visits:
    Boss Mogul came to visit us Mid 2007. Mogul is a very nice Pakistani but now lives in US. We became good friend and we even served as his personal interpreter when he visited some other equipment factories in China. Last September, Mogul came again and he is so trusted on me that we were asked to help him sourcing other projects such as low cost housing construction, solar engergy for home and office use, etc. What an ambitious businessman!
  • Leigh, Australia
  • Excellent quality of work

    Morlife is an Australian healthy food and beverage company. They first contacted us in 2006 and was very pleased with our quality and prices as we shipped the first order at the end of that year. As we handle almost all of their labels, there are always dozens of different labels to be changed, modified, and in printing. our contact Leigh recent send us email and said this:

    "Also I wanted to thank you for the excellent quality of work on the Active Joints and the liva detox - the printing quality was excellent and this is the quality I expect every time."

    Morlife and us work well together. So smooth, we have nothing special to share. You too, can count on us for all your label printing. Please come and give us your work.
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